The Rhode Island Ninja Network offers amazing ON-SITE MARTIAL ARTS WORKSHOPS for/at:
  • Colleges and Universities (staff/students)
  • Public and Private Schools (staff/students)
  • Corporate Events (in-services, workshops)
  • Health Clubs, Spas, Gyms, Dance Studios
  • Large and Small Businesses
  • Hotels and Resorts (staff/guests)
  • Families and Neighborhoods (special rates apply)
We're on a mission.
All Martial Art programs we offer fall into one of two main categories:

  • KEN-PO (self-defense training)
  • KEN-CHI (fitness training based ancient martial arts movements)

The focus of Kenpo is on self-preservation through self-defense training.  Kenpo is a rapid-fire, hard hitting system based on logic and science. It is designed for today’s street encounters. Nothing else in the martial arts world is as expansive and inclusive as today’s Kenpo.

The focus of Ken-Chi lies in self-awareness, inner-peace and improving muscle-tone using special movements and breathing techniques that originated thousands of years ago. Indeed, the health benefits to those who practice these exercises are well documented and positively influence our: Concentration, Coordination, Balance, Flexibility, Stamina and Organic Functioning.
• Workshops typically run for about 2 hours.

• The cost per workshop is only $20/person.

To schedule a workshop, simply send an email to: