The Kenpo workshops below demonstrate the power of ATTITUDE when confronted by aggression. Attitude is fifty-percent of the fight. It is the FIRST fifty-percent! 
“DON’T TOUCH…!” – This brilliant and exciting course teaches how to keep someone from putting their hands on you. The premise here is that an attack is imminent – and that you are ready. Learn to take control of your attitude. Learn to destroy your opponent’s attitude.
“LET GO…!” – The purpose of a grab is to lead you into a worse situation. Do not allow anything worse to happen. Learn tactics to MAKE them let go. A beginner stands a good chance against a grab.

“DOWN, BUT NOT OUT…!” – Whether you slip, trip or actually get knocked down, one fact remains; your opponent is still standing. Now what? Your goal in this workshop is to get back to your feet safely and in total control.
“THE GROUND IS MY FRIEND…!” – OK, so now BOTH of you are on the ground. Who will prevail? Although your attacker is bigger and stronger, it does NOT mean you are helpless. Learn to tip the scales in your favor as you gain superior position and then end the fight..
“STICKS AND STONES…!” – In this workshop we explore the usefulness of using a short stick or club to defend ourselves. The focus here is on understanding the attitude of the stick itself, so that we can employ it passionately and decisively. This is an immensely popular class.
“KICK AND GO…!” – Your legs are the longest and strongest weapons you have. Learn the four parts of a kick. Learn how to use each part of the kick offensively. Discover how, where, and when to use kicks in order to neutralize aggression and escape.
“NOW MEANS NOW…!” – End the fight before it begins. Sometimes the best defense is an unexpected and over-whelming offense. Decide to win, and then get it over with. This workshop for those of us who DON'T stand 6'-2" and weigh 220lbs. COURAGE and STRATEGY is the focus.