No matter what activity you participate in, chances are good that there exist certain basics peculiar to that activity. Basics are the fundamentals that must be learned in order to establish proficiency within any given activity. The most important basics are normally those that are taught (and learned) first. Each of the workshops below highlights a particular basic. 
Learn to HAMMER: No, this has nothing to do with a hammer-fist. Instead, this is a workshop that looks at the offensive and defensive applications of a specific shoulder/arm movement. This is a KEY BASIC to learn for many exciting reasons!  
Learn to WHIP: Again, this has nothing to do with actual whips. Learning to whip entails using the arm in such a way that the motion resembles flipping a Frisbee. Whipping, like hammering and thrusting can be done offensively or defensively. .
Learn to THRUST: Learning to thrust means learning to use the arms offensively or defensively from a natural ‘hands-down’ position.
Learn to LAUNCH: It is far more difficult to strike a moving target than a stationary one. Learning to launch entails maneuvering the body in order to; close distance, create distance, get out of the way, initiate a take-down, etc.
Learn to BE NEUTRAL: To be neutral to your opponent means to have all possible natural weapons ready for immediate use. It means creating a stable, yet movable platform that not only offers protection, but fosters offensive/defensive movements. Learn to be neutral. It really is THAT important..
**NOTE – There are many ways to exercise our basics. We can exercise them singularly, or in combination with other basics. We can use specific self-defense techniques to exercise our basics with a partner, or we can exercise them in solo fashion (similar to shadow-boxing). I generally present the material on this page using all the exercise methods just described. Doing this puts the basics into context, for greater understanding.