• Calm your mind, by paying attention to your body.
• Relax while flowing from one movement to the next.
• Loosen tight muscles and free-up stiff joints without discomfort.
• Re-energize, refocus and shift into a more positive frame of mind.
• Move freely; gracefully; effortlessly.

(Star Set-1) A level-1 Course
SS1 contains a series of graceful, flowing movements designed to exercise the shoulder-joint, and the muscles surrounding the joint. It is particularly useful to us because it also introduces us to the primary way in which we execute our hand-basics. We will need to know this for all level-2 work. There is no footwork in this set

(Neutral Set-1) A level-1 Course
NS1 is the first exercise that teaches us how to maneuver and make directional changes without compromising balance and posture. The footwork can be combined with any of the hand-basics contained in Star Set-1, or it can be done simply as-is. Great for coordinating mind, body and breath – especially when combined with the hand-basics of SS1.

(Bow and Arrow Set 1) A level-1 Course
BAS1 expands on NS-1 in both footwork and handwork. The set incorporates the use of in-place stance changes in conjunction with basic handwork. This is a great exercise for the waist, hips, shoulders and calf muscles.

(Leg Extension Set 1) A level-1 Course
LES-1 is an incredible exercise that stresses balance, posture, stance-shifts, guidelining, spinning and all 4 parts of the leg extension. Traditionally, this set is used to teach and refine the art of kicking. Hand basics are not generally used in this set.